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Realistic Cleaning Routine for BUSY Parents | How Can I Keep the House Clean as a Busy Parent

As busy parents, finding time to maintain a clean and organized home can be challenging. It's essential to create a realistic cleaning schedule that fits your family's needs and busy lifestyle. Here's a suggested cleaning schedule that considers the demands of parenthood:

Daily Tasks for Simplified Cleaning:

  1. Morning tidying (15 minutes): Before leaving for work or starting your day, quickly tidy up common areas, put away toys, and do a general pick-up.

  2. Evening clean-up (15-30 minutes): After dinner, involve the whole family in cleaning up the kitchen and dining area. Assign tasks to kids appropriate for their age, such as clearing the table or putting away dishes.

  3. Laundry (10-15 minutes) for Busy Parents: Try to do one load of laundry each day to avoid buildup.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks Simplified:

  1. Weekend cleaning (1-2 hours): Dedicate some time on the weekend for more thorough cleaning. You can divide tasks between family members or work together as a team. Tasks may include vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms.

  2. Meal prep and batch cooking (1-2 hours): Use some time during the weekend to meal prep and cook in batches. This reduces the amount of daily kitchen cleaning needed.

  3. Change bed linens (weekly): Plan to change and wash bed linens once a week to keep things fresh. Busy Parents, Parenthood Cleaning Hacks, Simplified Cleaning

Bi-Weekly or Monthly Tasks Busy Parents:

  1. Deep cleaning (2-3 hours): Every two weeks or once a month, focus on deep-cleaning specific areas like the kitchen appliances, windows, and under furniture.

  2. Decluttering (30 minutes - 1 hour): Regularly declutter toys, clothes, and other items to prevent an overwhelming mess.

Tips for Parenthood Cleaning Hacks:

  1. Use a family chore chart: Assign age-appropriate tasks to each family member, and rotate responsibilities regularly.

  2. Set a timer: For daily tasks, set a timer for 15-20 minutes. Knowing there's a time limit can make cleaning feel less daunting.

  3. Clean as you go: Encourage everyone in the family to clean up after themselves whenever possible.

  4. Multitask: Combine cleaning with other activities, like chatting on the phone while folding laundry or listening to a podcast while doing dishes.

  5. Enlist help: If possible, consider hiring a cleaning service for occasional deep cleaning or ask for help from relatives or friends.

Remember, perfection is not the goal. It's okay to have some mess, and it's essential to find a balance between maintaining a clean home and spending quality time with your family. Adapt the schedule as needed and be kind to yourself – parenthood is a demanding job, and you're doing your best!


Busy Parents, Parenthood Cleaning Hacks, Simplified Cleaning

Busy Parents, Parenthood Cleaning Hacks, Simplified Cleaning

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